Memory Editing and Cheat Codes

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In this section, I’m going to go over the information I have on modifying the memory of a running copy of the game in Mednafen. The reason I’ve done it this way instead of just adding to the old save state hacking guide is because after I updated Mednafen, it wouldn’t load save states that had been modified externally. So I’ve spent a couple days picking at the memory editor within Mednafen and now have some fun results that can be applied as cheat codes or, in some cases, modified directly in memory.

Current Angel

  • 11032 – Angel’s name (2 bytes x5, Big Endian)
  • 11048 – Condition (2 bytes, Little Endian)
  • 11054 – Exercise (2 bytes, Little Endian)
  • 11056 – IQ (2 bytes, Little Endian)
  • 11058 – A.T. Field (2 bytes, Little Endian)


Current Form

There are a few important things to note about changing the angel’s current form. First, if you change it to something that’s not expected for that day, leave the controls to go walk around as Kaji and then go back, the cutscene where the angel is changing forms will trigger, it will change back to the form it’s supposed to be, and may get stuck on standby, effectively locking the game.

Second, if you put a value in that is higher than the list, the game will glitch and lock in strange ways. Maybe don’t do that.

Finally, having observed the animations of some angels I have raised in the past, the animation range is limited and incomplete. I don’t know what affects more of these being available, but I do plan to find out. At this time, I’m guessing a hidden stat, something to do with having these forms on the wrong day, or maybe even both.


  • 1103E – current angel’s form (1 byte)


  • 00 – Adam form
  • 01 – young form (has a shell, likes to swim/roll)
  • 02 – young form (walks upright/bounces around)
  • 03 – young form (swims)
  • 04 – young form (bouncy spring shape)
  • 05 – cocoon (humanoid shape)
  • 06 – cocoon (tadpole shape)
  • 07 – cocoon (snake shape)
  • 08 – Sachiel
  • 09 – Shamshel
  • 0A – Ramiel
  • 0B – Gaghiel
  • 0C – Israfel
  • 0D – Sandalphon
  • 0E – Matariel
  • 0F – Sahaquiel
  • 10 – Leliel
  • 11 – Bardiel
  • 12 – Zeruel
  • 13 – Arael
  • 14 – Armisael
  • 15 – EVA Series (creepy white one)
  • 16 – EVA 00
  • 17 – EVA 01
  • 18 – EVA 02


Current LCL

  • 1105B – Concentration (1 byte)
  • 1105D – Electrolyte Level (1 byte)
  • 1105F – Contamination Level (1 byte)

These ones are neat to watch, but changing them won’t really affect much

  • 1105A – Concentration timer (1 byte)
  • 1105C – Electrolyte Level timer (1 byte)
  • 1105E – Contamination timer (1 byte)


Other Stuff

  • 1102C – time, minutes (1 byte)
  • 1102E – time, hours (1 byte)
  • 11030 – day
  • 11022 – whether or not time is moving (1 byte, 00 for no, 01 for yes)



  • 00 – Item doesn’t show in list
  • 80 – Item shows in list with 0 quantity
  • 01-7A – Quantity 1 – 122 (item can not be used, at least in some cases)
  • 81 – FF – Quantity 1 – 127
  • All items are 1 byte at the specified location


  • 110AE – 
  • 110AF – 
  • 110B0 – 
  • 110B1 – 
  • 110B2 – 
  • 110B3 – 
  • 110B4 – 
  • 110B5 – 
  • 110B6 – 
  • 110B7 – 
  • 110B8 – 
  • 110B9 – 
  • 110BA – 
  • 110BB – 
  • 110BC – 
  • 110BD – 
  • 110BE – 
  • 110BF – 
  • 110C0 – 
  • 110C1 – 
  • 110C2 – 
  • 110C3 – 
  • 110C4 – 
  • 110C5 – 
  • 110C6 – 
  • 110C7 – 
  • 110C8 – 
  • 110C9 – 
  • 110CA – 
  • 110CB – 
  • 110CC – 
  • 110CD – 
  • 110CE – 
  • 110CF – 
  • 110D0 – 


That’s all I got for now. That represents a fair bit of trial and error cuz I was getting tired of having to get items needed for unlocking maps. Now I have a spiffy list. So, some needed stuff…

110CB is the Elevator 3 key (lets you access elevator 3).

110CC is the Heaven’s Door key (lets you access Heaven’s Door/Gate in Terminal Dogma).

110CD is the ID Card (allows you to leave Nerv HQ).


Note: Somewhere down the road (next couple days, likely)  I’m going to post a guide on adding cheat codes to Mednafen. If you choose to do this on your own (press ctrl-c in mednafen and give it a try) the big thing to remember is when you put in an address from the above list, precede it with a dollar sign symbol ($) so that it knows its a hex address. Some of these are better off done through the memory editor, though.

Getting Different Angels

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So, a comment has led me to realize there really isn’t a whole lot in the way of information out there – something I should have known given that this lack of information is what led me to find and obtain a copy of the Perfect Guide for the game. For the record, no, I cannot read it. I imagine if I understood Japanese, this project may not ever have sparked to life, I would have simply enjoyed playing it. That said, one doesn’t necessarily need to understand Japanese to understand some parts, although it certainly helps. Now, on to the important stuff.


Some Introductory Information

Now, if you’ve played the game at all, you probably already know the flow of the angel-raising process. You get a little clone of Adam, you give it a designation, and you keep it alive. You can give it energy (feed it), clean up the LCL tank, and adjust the LCL concentration and electrolyte levels. After some time, it goes into a cocoon and you get the next phase, the larva stage. This one is always the same, and depending on your electrolyte level and LCL concentration settings, its behaviour will change over time.

Additionally, you now get access to a little mini-game to help increase your angel’s strength. It’s a simple little game where you just press the direction where a laser beam is coming from, and your angel will face that way and erect an AT field to block it. As you progress, the game gets faster. The better you do, the more stats you get to increase. These stats are (loosely) strength, intelligence (iirc), and AT Field. Obviously, the better the stats, the better your angel will be further down the road.

Next stage things change up a bit – at the “adolescent” stage, there are 3 different forms available. Each will correspond to a different general growth path, and as you take care of this stage, you might be able to see its shape and watch its behaviour to determine which angel it will become.

Finally, there is the adult stage – at this point, your angel is what it is, but you still get time to strengthen it through the mini-game. At this point it can be fun to just watch what these ones do, and they’re something of a miniaturized version of the angels in the series. My personal favourite is Sahaquiel – sometimes it will go off to one side of the tank, float to the top, then face the floor a little and drop one of its little bombs. Quite cute.


The Angels

Well, here it is, the information you actually came here to see – What you need to be able to raise each angel. Unfortunately, it’s not completely helpful yet.

Please note that this information contains some spoilers.


  • Concentration: ???
  • Electrolyte Level: ???
  • Notes: Not sure. Need to get the information translated. Seems pretty common though.


  • Concentration: 20-50%
  • Electrolyte Level: 55-80%
  • Notes:


  • Concentration: ???
  • Electrolyte Level: ???
  • Notes: Not sure. Need to get the information translated.


  • Concentration: ???
  • Electrolyte Level: ???
  • Notes: Not sure. Need to get the information translated.


  • Concentration: 50-80%
  • Electrolyte Level: 20-45%
  • Notes:


  • Concentration: 0-20% or 80-100%
  • Electrolyte Level: 80-100%
  • Notes:


  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.


  • Concentration: 20-50%
  • Electrolyte Level: 55-80%
  • Notes:


  • Concentration: 0-20% or 80-100%
  • Electrolyte Level: 0-20%
  • Notes:


  • Concentration: 0-20% or 80-100%
  • Electrolyte Level: 80-100%
  • Notes:


  • Concentration: 50-80%
  • Electrolyte Level: 20-45%
  • Notes:


  • Concentration: 0-20% or 80-100%
  • Electrolyte Level: 0-20%
  • Notes:

 Nagisa Kaworu (Tabris)

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.


  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.

 Giant of Light

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.

 EVA Series

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.

 EVA Test Type (?)

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.

 EVA Prototype (?)

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.

 EVA Production Type (?)

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.

 Ayanami Rei

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.

 Pen Pen

  • Concentration: n/a
  • Electrolyte Level: n/a
  • Notes: Requires an item. More information to follow.


Some Final Notes

  • Some of these names are guesses – for instance the EVAs… There is no number in the name, so while they do indeed reflect the EVAs 00-02, they aren’t named in that way. I will need to get those names properly translated. Also, EVA Series is the creepy white EVAs from Death & Rebirth. They are no less creepy in chibi form.
  • Some angels have the same requirements as others. I do not know why. My guess would be stats from playing the mini-game make the difference, I just do not know how.
  • Ayanami Rei is the giant angel-form thing seen in Death & Rebirth.
  • I have NO idea how to get any of the items required for the special angels, nor do I know when/how to actually use them. How I can only assume to be the same as other items.
  • Yes, I know Pen Pen is not an angel. I did not make the game, I only play it. And rebuild it. Slowly.


That’s all for now! I hope this helps to broaden peoples’ gameplay experience.


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Decisions have been made, and planning is underway. While I still don’t have a lot of time to put toward this project, I have determined it will be programmed in Java, making use of libgdx and the Universal Tween Engine. So far… I have title screens displaying. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it actually is (especially when your Java is rusty) to make an image fade in, wait, and fade out. But, I have a good start, and what looks to be a good way of encapsulating areas of the game.

Colour Progress

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I know it’s been forever since I updated last. I’ve been kept SO busy by school. I did find a bit of time to play with colouring one of the map rooms. I think it turned out well. I’m aiming to keep the original style, while still trying to give life to it.


Coloured E2 Hall on Floor A.

Coloured E2 Hall on Floor A.

This is one particular elevator hall, but once broken down into tiles, it will be easy enough to use the same graphics, while only changing the elevator number and floor sign graphics.


Additionally, I had at one point found a translator and provided the script to them… However, there has been no communication since then, and it is probably safe to assume that I still actually need a translator. While it may prove difficult, or even impossible to translate the original, I’m still going to need translated text for the remake project, so if you happen to want to translate, let me know.

Well, the script is cleaned up!

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Yup, and ready for translation! However, my friend that volunteered to translate is rather busy and doesn’t want to work on it just yet. I’m dying to get it translated! In the meantime, I plan to locate the pointers so that I know where they are once they need to be modified.

Progress is being made!

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Even though I’m back in school now, progress is going with this project, perhaps moreso than it was before. Any time that I have a few spare minutes, I work on cleaning up that script. So far so good. The contents of one of two banks of script is about 1/3 cleaned up, and it gets easier as I go because I use search & replace. So, every time I encounter a character that is out of place, I fix all instances of that character being not where it belongs, being careful not to replace anything within text. After that’s complete, I will scan over the text and make sure all portrait tags are in place (makes life easier for the translator; they’ll know who’s talking) and make sure there’s no characters that got erroneously converted to byte tags.

This is why I love Notepad++

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Seriously. Do you have ANY idea how much this helps? It makes it so the actual text can stare me in the face, while minimizing the visibility of the stuff I really don’t care about. All those single, stray, white-backgrounded characters? THOSE are what I am on a seek and destroy(well, replace) mission for. They will all go, and now the job is so much easier.

Dealing with the script

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So, I decided to look at the script file again… I’ve concluded that it will be nearly impossible to find and add to the table file ALL of the control codes. It is seeming like the best approach may be convert all errant characters back to their hex codes, and copy any actual text to a separate file, replacing copied strings with an identifier so they can be easily replaced later. But then, there are the pointers. I need to determine with some accuracy a way to locate them.

No wonder I needed a break. This is a headache!

Oh God, pointers!

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Yup, found the damned things. The upshot is they shouldn’t be too much trouble, they just can’t be handled the same way normal ones are. They’re actually IN the text, and they point to a block of text. I tested this, going back to where I had translated a screen (thanks to some of your awesome comments!) and changing what looked likely to be the pointer for the next block. You see, the line after the translated one didn’t crash, nor than the one after it, but when the scene changed and the text box popped up, the screen went nuts and then reset. So, it was fine within its own block because the pointer for that never changed, but the pointer for the next one (and all after it, of course, but this was just testing) was incorrect. I adjusted what appeared to be the pointer after some comparing to an unaltered rom and poof! No more crash at that scene change. So now, along with finding the various commands in the text, I also get the dubious joy of making sure I know where the pointers are so when it’s translated, I can find them easily for alteration.


Fun. x_x

Image display info

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Mostly for my benefit, you know, in case my computer explodes or something dumb like that. This case is a scene switch that causes an image to be displayed, I’m starting to break down what those rather large tags are made of…

This one: 120E141801009600

displays an image of Adam in an embryo state, essentially what you start with at the beginning of the game and then raise up. I assume it’s frozen or otherwise suspended. We probably raise a clone of it. Anyway…

120E makes a common appearance, probably a general change scene tag…

14 seems to be telling it to display an image as the scene switch, rather than, say, changing the map or something…

1801 is what image to display, changing it to F801 showed me an image of Rei in a kimono with a fan. 1800 showed me a sketch of Miasto, Kaji and Ritsuko.

96 appears to control the delay before text is displayed, but I’m not 100% sure about that.